Words from Mitch Tonks, renowned restaurateur

Bas Kennedy is the kind of character you rarely meet in life.

He once casually told me that he liked to paint and so I asked him to paint a menu cover for the Seahorse. He depicted the restaurant with vivid colour & movement and captured the spirit of enjoyment within the room through a host of unusual characters. From that picture I could see how Bas could bring to life the very spirit of celebration in a painting.

Following that, and in collaboration with a wine maker in Spain, Mar de Frades, we have produced a special edition of their Albarino wine with a picture by Bas, named The Oyster Eaters on the label. It is a perfect combination of art and life depicting the decadence of oyster eating and wine. From there we decided on more original paintings for Joe’s Bar, Joe’s Gin and Joe’s beer, all named after Joe Woods, our great friend. The ley lines of life decided that Jeff Beck was the first guest to walk into our new bar and order a martini. Joe Woods was a huge fan of Jeff’s, so out of a love for that event and story, Bas created a fitting and original label for our gin.

We often are asked about his paintings which have now become a feature at our restaurant and we are regularly asked if they are for sale. We occasionally host exhibitions to share Bas’s work with our guests and give them an opportunity to enjoy and buy this great work.

We hope you enjoy the paintings as much as we do.

Mitch Tonks